My Mother’s Heart Poem [MF]

Good Day, Beautiful People!
Is the second day of Spring in Southern Hemisphere. Is a new season, new things to accomplish, new exciting events awaiting ahead and new challenges for some of us to overcome.

Last week, my beautiful and creative friend, Mel and her sweet sister Jen, informed us the bad news of her mom limited days on earth. She is almost ready to step into glory and immigrate to her new permanent address. Is one part of life journey that we all find it difficult to cope. So please keep my friends, Mel’s and Jen’s family in your prayers. In the midst of the challenge, Mel, wrote this touching poem will simply bless you if you ever experience loss and grief.

“In light of my mum being sick and with other thoughts on my heart, I was inspired to write the poem below. God bless.” -Melinda Fletcher

I want to bring you glory Lord
I want to bring you praise
I want my life to matter Lord

In the end of days
I want to leave a legacy
That I loved you my lord
And when they say good bye to me
They’ll know I’m truly home

Home with God my Father
In heaven with my Lord
“Absent from the body
But present with The Lord”

So do not cry my darling
It won’t be very long
Till we see each other once again
When gathered at His throne

God will give you grace to live
Without me when I’m gone
So do not fret and do not fear
God will make you strong

My heart is crying for you
That you’ll miss me when I’m gone
But know I’m always with you
In spirit and in song

God is always faithful
And He has surely said
Because of what His Son has done
I will see you.. again
By Melinda Fletcher



©® Copyright
Mon Ange
All rights reserved.
NB: Photos from Pinterest.


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