2014 in Review

Good Day, Beautiful People!

Truly thankful for you guys coming onboard, reading and liking my blog.
This is the 2014 annual report for my blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Merry Christmas [Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, God Jul]

Good Day, Beautiful People!
Hope you had a blessed Christmas! Even if you had a challenging Christmas, hope this song make you sense tangible peace in your heart.

Sharing my favourite Christmas song this season.

Peace has Come by Hillsong Worship

Behold the star of Bethlehem
The word of God has become flesh
Unto us a child is born
The Savior of this broken world

Oh hear the angel voices
Sing come, let us adore Him
Peace has come for our King is with us

Oh oh oh oh

Fully God and fully man
He comes for all with open hands
He rules with love on David’s throne
All praise belongs to Christ alone

Oh hear the angel voices
Sing come, let us adore Him
Peace has come for our King is with us

Oh oh oh oh
Oh, peace has come

Holy holy holy
Jesus we adore Thee
Peace has come for our King is with us

Oh come, let us adore Him
Oh come, let us adore Him
Oh come, let us adore Him
Christ the Lord

Oh come, let us adore Him
Oh come, let us adore Him
Oh come, let us adore Him
Christ the Lord

Oh hear the angel voices
Sing come, let us adore Him (we adore Him, oh)
Peace has come for our King is with us
Peace has come for our King is with us

Enjoy this video:

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[Noel] Sydney Siege #illridewithyou


Good day, Beautiful people!

This is a celebration season that most of us are busy getting ready for Christmas, attending parties and gathering with loved ones, families and friends. Whether you are a believer or not, most of us in the world celebrate Christmas. Christmas is one of the international public holiday that enjoy by many. Christmas can joyful for some and sorrowful for others. My heart goes out to the people suffer great loss this Christmas. My prayer is that you find treat #peace and comfort .

15th December 2014, the world woke up shocked, received a dreadful news that Sydney Siege. We are all saddened by this news and watched on TV and mass media live coverage helplessly at this new form of barbaric terrorist act unfolded itself. Tears just stream down my eyes, prayed for quick resolution. I knew many prayed over Sydney and Australia. Thank you so much.

This really brings it home. ” Two decent and innocent people have lost their lives, and their families and friends now face life without them. The proximity to Christmas will make each anniversary a little poignant. Others were physically injured and all have been through a trauma that none of us can really imagine.”- Amanda Vanstone


A week aftermath, Sydney still loved, stands taller and stronger. People just pay respect at Martin place. One good thing that happened is seeing Christians and Muslims cried and hugged one another. It is touching to see sea of flowers. Great tragedies bring out great unity. Once again, we are reminded the lessons of humanity.



We are really living in crazy time. We still trying to recover from Sydney Siege. Two days ago, we woke up with another tragic news, Cairns massacre.
Eight children were being murdered by a 37 year old mother. This is beyond comprehension. It made me speechless, dishearten and pray for the victims family and friends.

Hope for good closure for all the victims’ families and friends.

Tips by Ps Joel A’Bell
Love conquers all. And genuine love fills our homes with acceptance, hope and a sense of belonging.


Forgiveness is not always easy, but the results bring unity in the home and between the members of the household. The Bible says; where unity prevails God commands a blessing (Psalm 133).

Whilst social media is informative and can keep us connected, it also has the ability to keep us disconnected with the people who matter the most… family. This Christmas why don’t we put down our phones and electronic devices, on purpose, and engage in life-giving conversations.

Have a blessed Christmas with Jesus as the reason for the season.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Good Day, Beautiful People! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

This is one good holiday that we can adopt to celebrate!
It makes us stop and reflect on being thankful regardless our circumstances.

Last year at my business and professional women network connect Thanksgiving cum Christmas Party, I gave the ladies each a gratitude journal as a gift. The reason behind this gift is encouraging them to focus on being thankful.

I wrote a love note on the first page of each gratitude Journal:
In the bible is written
“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love is eternal” Ps107:1, Ps136:1, Ps118:1, 1Chron16:34
Let us focus on being thankful, you will find much to be thankful for!
The challenge is to give thanks even our life is not perfect or facing horrible circumstances.
When life seems to be one discouragement, disappointment, disease, disaster, tragedy and death after another.
Choose to “Thank God in everything (no matter what the circumstances maybe, be thankful, gives thanks) for this is the will of God for you (who are) in Christ Jesus…” 1Thess5:18

This year as we met for our Gratitude and Christmas celebration I requested the ladies to share one of their gratitude journal entries. The result was astounding. Our hearts are full of thankfulness. We are all enriched by the sharing. These brave women rise up and overcome different challenges with grateful hearts.



Sharing these poems that touched and moved my heart.

More Than A Day
As Thanksgiving Day rolls around,
It brings up some facts, quite profound.
We may think that we’re poor,
Feel like bums, insecure,
But in truth, our riches astound.
We have friends and family we love;
We have guidance from heaven above.
We have so much more
Than they sell in a store,
We’re wealthy, when push comes to shove.
So add up your blessings, I say;
Make Thanksgiving last more than a day.
Enjoy what you’ve got;
Realize it’s a lot,
And you’ll make all your cares go away.
By Karl Fuchs

I’m Thankful for You
Thanksgiving is the appointed time
for focusing on the good in our lives.
In each of our days,
we can find small blessings,
but too often we overlook them,
choosing instead to spend our time
paying attention to problems.
We give our energy
to those who cause us trouble
instead of those who bring peace.
Starting now,
let’s be on the lookout
for the bits of pleasure in each hour,
and appreciate the people who
bring love and light to everyone
who is blessed to know them.
You are one of those people.
On Thanksgiving,
I’m thankful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
By Joanna Fuchs

Hope your heart is opened and grateful after reading this. Happy to hear what you are thankful for this year.

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