Straya Day 26th Jan 2016

Good Day, Beautiful People!

Happy Australia Day for my Aussies family and mates!  It was such a beautiful summer day to enjoy the simple things in life with mates like   Watching Australia Open, backyard cricket, boating, beach combing, have some shrimps on the Barbie, lamb roast, meat pies for most, the greens & raw food for organics, vegans & vegetarians. Meanwhile the rest will be likely to have a Vegemite sandwich, chomp some Anzac Biscuits, Tim Tam Biscuits, a slice of Lamingtons and nibble some Pavlova… Wash it all down with beer. 

Party Nails fit for this occasion: 


Sharing this Funny photo.


Wondering any tourist or visitor pass the Aussie Language Test? Feel free to share if you think you know all the answers. 

Below is Australia National Anthem:

Fireworks Display in different part of Australia:



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