Give Thanks [Donnez-Merci, Da gracias]


Good Day, Beautiful People!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends! Is one Holiday that I adopted on heart and practise for a long time. It is awesome to put aside one day in a year to sit with loved ones to celebrate and be thankful for the harvest and grateful for the year. 

I’m overjoyed and thankful 2015 is my very first American Thanksgiving!  I was invited a few time to attend in the previous years but only able to attend this year! My friend, Holly host a big fundraiser Thanksgiving Party to feed some college students and friends donate for money to her missionaries friends. Each year the size of the party grow. This year we have 100 people attended. 

Together, We gooble up four turkeys, two serving plates of cornbread, mash, sweet potatoes pies, apple pies, pecan pies, pumpkin pies, ice cream, banana pudding, jello, and candies. She and her hubby had spent two days cooking up a storm on a very scorching summer day in Oz. I think she really the queen of hospitality and deserve an award for that. She has to hire all the party gears to fit all her guests in her huge backyard.

The photo above is just the deserts table. I forgot to take a photo of the main table food.

 I leave you with these pearl of wisdom:  


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