We Remember [nous nous souvenons, recordamos, noi ricordiamo, 我们记得]


Good Day, Beautiful People! 
Wow! Last year this time, I wrote about Rememberance Day!  Seems not long ago, yet a year has come to pass.

Today, is Rememberance Day, Memorial Day, we take time to honour and remember the daily Heroes who sacrificed to protect our country and the people who are currently serving in the arm forces. I am thankful for the ongoing service men and women for keeping  our borders safe. Light a candle and buy a poppy fundraising souvenir to contribute to support the Appeals.

    The living owe it to those who no longer can speak or tell their story for them. – Czeslow Milosz from “The Issa Valley”

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    2 thoughts on “We Remember [nous nous souvenons, recordamos, noi ricordiamo, 我们记得]

    1. I was surprised how few posts were about remembrance day, so thank you for doing so. I am planning one to post later. Thank you for the reminder for us to reflect upon.

    2. WWI was the war to end all wars….how sad that so many died yet wars continue on. The lesson has never been learned and we will never learn. The sadness God must feel at hatred that lies in most peoples hearts.

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