Open Heaven / River Wild


Good Day, Beautiful People!

Just sharing my current favourite song on reshuffle. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Open Heaven / River Wild -Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

Signs and wonders from above

When You poured out Your Spirit

On the old and young

In the power of Your presence


Holy Spirit rain

Falling like a flood

Break upon my praise

As I sing of Your love

Holy Spirit fire

Burn within my soul

As I call on Your Name

As I call on Your Name


[Verse 2:]

Dreams and visions of the Son

As I stand in Your presence

Revelations of Your love

As I look to the heavens


Oh Holy Spirit

Burn like a fire

All consuming

Consume me

Here in Your presence

Lord I surrender

To Your glory

For Your glory


Living water

River wild in me

Immerse me

In Your mercy

Open heaven

Crashing over me

Restore me

In Your glory

My water colour painting inspired by this song!

My arylic painting inspired by this song.



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