Love Wins

Good Day, Beautiful People!

Isn’t this quote full of love and grace, so Christ like. As believers we are susposed to mimic Jesus to show grace, kindness and mercy to people around us, not bickering among ourselves whose doctrine is right which denomination got it. Keep pointing fingers at other denomination theory is wrong. It looks immature, ridiculous and ugly. Imagine, Heavenly Father watching us from above, the kids (different denominations churches) air dirty linen in public.  People in the world think we’re fighting for religious theories and complicated the bible.  Doctrine and theology are men interpretation so is not 100% right as bible interpret itself which is inspired my God.  This is really unattractive to get people to get saved and have relationship with Jesus.

Bono from U2 said once he believes in God but it is the christians that he is having trouble with. I can understand why. I think we all have a fair share crazy christians in our lives who can really wonder which planet they come from.  Is because of this reason one of my great friends is still not convinced of having Jesus in her life. Some of my friends have chosen to walked away after being christians for many years. This is enough to break my heart. Be gracious when you speak about other believers and churches.

The Pharisees and Scribes had many accusations against Jesus is recorded in the gospel. Jesus did not condemn all Scribes and in fact they were not all bad. Nicodemus and Gamaliel were scribes and Hillel also for that matter. The young ruler who came to Jesus asking questions was no doubt a Scribe and Jesus said to him, “Thou art not far from the kingdom of God,” (Mark 12:32-34) and He referred to some of His followers who would go to proclaim His truth as “scribes” (Matt 23:34).

Jesus never came on earth to die for your doctrine, your theory your theology. He came here to die 2000 years for the LOVE of the people including you, me, people we love, people we care, people we disgust and people we detach.

Seriously, churches put away your differences,  stay focus, big picture is the church United together as the beautiful imperfect Bride and prepare for bridegroom, Jesus returns.  Demonstrate love, kindness and mercy; show people source of the light so they want it for themselves.





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