7 C of Leadership

Good Day, Beautiful People!
Thanks for being patient with my writing. For those who have been on board with me in this journey will know that writing is not easy for me. In addition to a hustling period for me to scribble regularly.

I have been longing to share what I was reminded at my business connect leader, Dr S Couch, couple of weeks ago. Many successful leaders, business people and professionals have strong internal belief.
7 C or 7 Commandments:
1) Character
2) Courage Example Joshua.
3) Communication Especially Vision, clients
4) Capacity Glean from mentorship.
5) Change Identify, bring and execute.
6) Calling
7) Conviction No doubt
This is merely my small intro to these 7C.

Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Being authentic, honest, brave, upright, sincere and honourable. You are what you believe in; demonstrate consistency between your values, ethical reasoning and actions; cultivate positive psychological states such as confidence, optimism, hope, and resilience in yourself and your associates; and are widely known and respected for your integrity. This is the foundational factor good leaders must acquire. Your people can see the solid moral guidelines you live by. People will be attracted to your character and like to follow you because this is rare in this corrupted world. You will earn the trust of your people eventually for what you stand for.

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Joshua in the bible is a great example of a courageous leader who fight so many battles to obtain the ultimate victory. Isn’t it true an effective leader must have the courage to identify arduous situations through to the end and accept responsibility for the consequence of decisions. All leaders need courage. Even you think you are not a leader you still need courage lead yourself to really live your life the best you can, not just existence and taking up space.
TRY Courage: The courage of initiative and action— making first attempts, pursuing pioneering efforts and stepping up to the plate.
TRUST Courage: The courage of confidence in others— letting go of the need to control situations or outcomes, having faith in people and being open to direction and change.
TRY Courage: The courage of voice— raising difficult issues, providing tough feedback and sharing unpopular opinions.

Communication is the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated. It is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. It is something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted. It can be a document or message imparting news, views, information, etc. It can be the passage, or an opportunity or means of passage, between places. Effective communication is the way to build and cultivate trust and create value to your people. Trust is a strong force that shapes loyalty, increases credibility and supports effective communications. It gives you the benefit of the doubt in situations where you want to be heard, understood and believed. Effective Leaders need to adopt open-book communication, encourage direct communication and opportunities for feedback. It is essential to have combination of formal and informal communications measurement. Informal methods provide more specific and more frequent assessments to help make changes or address issues quickly and flexibly. The ability to give life to your vision, convey your vision to your people and clients.

Capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain or the amount that something can produce. Leadership capacity is the ability to enlarge your territory. Ensure room to stretch personal and professional growth and development. Cultivate self assessment for own achievement, in tune with your own performance as a leader and how your actions impact the growth and development of your people in your team and organisation. Examine and review constructive criticism with a trusted person in your sphere, a coach or a respected mentor.

Change is make or become different or take or use another instead of. Change is the constant thing in daily living. No one can avoid change. In leadership, is crucial to embrace the flexibility for change is key. “But you have to be strong enough to take charge, says Fass: “The best kind of change comes when you envision, initiate and control it. That type of change creates opportunities, transforms companies and ignites growth.” Otherwise, you’re facing with the damaging prospect of “change that happens in spite of you, rather than because of you.”” – Dorie Clark.

Calling is a strong urge towards a particular way of life or career; a vocation. In other words is likely your purpose of being put of this earth. We are all here for a purpose whether we know it or still on our journey to find out. Take time to seek what make you tick, your passion, what you hate, what you cannot live without, your desires, your dreams and vision.
Bestseller, Rick Warren has written a phenomenal book called Purpose Driven Life in 2002, expanded version What on earth am I here for. This book is highly recommended to read and digest if you are still searching for your calling in life.

Conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. The right to lead bears with it responsibility – a legitimate requirement, duty or obligation to do something. Vision provides direction and nourishment for sustained growth. Otherwise, it is arduous to imagine effective leadership without demonstrating that one is unshakeably convinced of something – namely conviction. “Leaders walk their talk; in true leaders, there is no gap between the theories they espouse and their practice.” -Joan Goldsmith. Considering most leaders, believe in the vision is not the issue. It is in the implementation and execution that is laborious to follow through.

Like it or not we lead people one way or another. Even you are a homemaker you still lead your family especially your children somewhere. Some maybe single, you still have to lead your own life.

Challenge for you is what adjustment can you make to change your leadership today?

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6 thoughts on “7 C of Leadership

  1. Oops! not ‘even if you are a homemaker’ i would contend ‘especially if you are a homemaker.’ Or perhaps i should say a mother. She is leading and teaching the most important people in the world! Well, at least she should be – sadly, too many women have given up that responsibility to pursue other activities. Great article!

    • Be contented with what God puts in your hands. If you’re called to be a homemaker, be the best homemaker you can be. You’re leading your precious little troop, the next generation! Everyone is given different gifts & talents. Some are called to do more than a homemaker. More is given, more is required! Women should support one another regardless their choices & circumstances.

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