Walk for Freedom


Good Day, Beautiful People!
Life is amazing itself. Every breathe is given to you is precious. Every life is important to God.
It is utterly repulsive and disgusting that Human Trafficking still exist. We must each play our role to help to stop this modern day slavery issue. There are quite a few good cause and campaign going on.
Supporting A21 campaign, walk for Freedom. Many of us walked in single file and prayed in silence for half an hour to create awareness of modern days slavery and human trafficking issue. If you are able and want to contribute in this area the web link is below.


The A21 Campaign: abolishing injustice

Natalia’s Story

Maria’s Story

Child Sex Trafficking on internet

A21 campaign statistics




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Photos: Mine and official ones from A21

2 thoughts on “Walk for Freedom

  1. This breaks my heart. Although I wasn’t kidnapped by people and sold into slavery, life circumstances and a series of bad choices led me into living in bondage to the sex industry to make a living for nine years. It’s not a lifestyle I would wish on my worst enemy!

    • Thanks for your heartfelt sharing, Beautiful Emily. Indeed is heartbreaking to know there are many who are still in slavery. Human Trafficking is a global crime. That is why is important to support this A21 campaign.

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