Victory [Victoire, Victoria]




Good Day, Beautiful People!
Hope you had a good weekend and ready for productive business, work, studies or daily routine. Sometime my mind is like a broken recorder, a tune keep repeating itself till another song has been replaced. This beautiful song Victory is written by Ben Hastings, Seth Simmons and Matt Sztyk for Easter celebration 2013 by Hillsong College. Weather you are waiting for your victory in silence, in the midst of battle fighting and believing for victory or celebrating your victory as you conquer your Goliath, this is the amazing song for you!

Victory Song
Born into the hands of sin
Crippled by the shame within
Broken heart and restless soul
Lost out on the open road
Beaten on that bloody day
On His back a world of pain
Clinging to that cursed tree
Jesus bled and died for me
Victory Victory
Conquered death
Set me free
Victory Victory
Jesus alive in me
Three days on the stone gives way
Ain’t nothing but an empty grave
Gather all the sinners ’round
Tell them what great love we’ve found
Lead me to the water deep
In the gracious current I’ll sink
I will rise dead to my sin
Christ in me and I in him

Enjoy the song:





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