Heaven and Earth


Good Day, Beautiful People!
This is a sneak peek of one of the many new songs lyrics I love in the latest No Other Name album that is going to be released on 27th June 2014. Personally, I think is going to be off the chart. It portrays the undescribable love.  The best love story ever told! My head seems like a broken recorder, keep repeating this song for the past week till now. Stay tune, I will update the official utube link later.

Love that was foretold

When the prophets spoke

Of One to come


Heaven came for us

Reconciling hearts

To You our God


Heaven and earth collide

The Saviour for everyone has come

Bringing the dead to life

All for the glory of Your Name


Now He comes with hope

 In salvation robe

To lead us home


Healing in His Wings

Freedom in His scars

His Kingdom come


By His Stripes we are healed

By His death we can live

In Jesus Name

All opression will cease

Every captive released

In Jesus Name.

Enjoy this song that is recently updated:

©® Copyright 2014


All Rights Reserved.

NB: Photos are from pinterest.


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