She believed she could so she did! (Warning: Graphic Photo)


Photo above is taken by a Professional Photographer, one of Kym Thomson’s work. [Warning: If you are offended by this unapologetic photo, please move on.  This is not about nudity or boobs. Oops, there is none! I will not entertain crazy questions or remarks. Be mature, move on and have a nice day.]

Good Day, Beautiful People!

Life is full of ups and down, not always smooth. We can all wish life is like a bed of roses. Granted that you are in this life journey sooner or later you will face challenges.  Not many can escape from relationship, financial, health, emotional, addiction, crisis and ultimately mortality. Sometime, it takes some drastic drama happen to us either to our loved ones or friends for us to be awaken from our stupor. At that instant, we have to make a decision to crumble or to fight. I hope we choose to be brave and live with intention and purpose. You may choose to think this will never happen to me so I can choose to live life carelessly and frivolously have nobody to answer to. Actually, you are right. That is the freedom of choice. Although that is true, why wait till crisis happen then make a choice when you can do it now. Search your heart, ask yourself are you living your life purposefully toward your destiny.

Trust me, is not everyday, 12th of May 2014, I wake up to a brave and beautiful friend, Nerralea Van Der Merwe featured on news by the work of another super creative and marvellous friend, Kym Thomson.
It is incredible to see Nezz rises up and refuses to give up attitude. Beyond doubt, Nezz’s faith, conviction, people who love her like family and friends, church and support groups has make her an overcomer and not a victim of cancer. Nezz is not the only person I know that went through this cancer journey. You know who you are. I will not mention your names here without your permission. Thank you for being brave and navigate this path so well.

Of course, I am very proud of my friends’ achievement and will continue to cheer them on! Beside, I am a bit jaded by reading all the negativity, bad news most of the time. I find it refreshing and inspiring to read good news, news that bring hope. Nevertheless, the reason I am sharing this story is I know that there are people out there who need to know there is hope in the darkness. Folks who are still in the midst of their storm need to focus on Jesus, your captain, keep declaring health, and  look far away at the horizon.

Believe in your future self. Don’t be push by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

Isn’t this a good reminder for most of us as young and older women need to embrace our bodies. Regardless what the world says about your body. You are beautiful because you are created in the image of your Creator.

She is a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.

Look at the beautiful and amazing Nezz now, trim and fit!


Above Photo taken by Nerralea Van Der Merwe.

I leave you with this thought. The living word states: “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” -Matt 19:26

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All Rights reserved.

19 thoughts on “She believed she could so she did! (Warning: Graphic Photo)

  1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; the eyes are the windows to the soul. In them one can find perfection passion understanding and there are as I have found no one who is not beautiful for my creator has made all things for his glory.

  2. Wow! Hi Ange. I enjoyed this from start to finish. I loved it. This teaches me that I am a part of the majority of real women of the world and not of the minority of perfect women. Although my main focus is on the love that God has for not only me but for all people. Thank you for this amazing blog post and thanks to all the amazing women in the video!

    • Thanks, Beautiful Jeanie. I guess most of us fall into the majority. In His eyes, we all look beautiful and unique. After all, He created us. He is happy with His Creations.

  3. This is unique and a very well done post! I think you might enjoy a friend’s website “” Angel deals with the broken spirit of abuse victims. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but perhaps related.

    Anyway, you may enjoy a visit to her site!

    Steve Pejay

  4. Powerful!! So many women deal with the low self-esteem that results from various abuses. Words cut deeper than knives and have caused so much damage to these women. Though beautiful, broken inside and not able to see the beauty of God’s creation in them. Thanks for sharing this. May God bless you and this powerful movement!!

  5. as some one who just lost over 100 lbs, i realize how people treat me differently, it’s a vain world

    • Wow! Congratulations for the huge weight loss! What an achievement! You claim back your health and life! Sorry about how people treat you. The world is a sorry mess. Don’t worry take it to heart.

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  7. God bless you all ~ keep up your important support to her and to all others who have endured breast cancer. Every little bit of support helps us all. xo P.S. Please tell her that her true beauty shines through…she is courageous for I looked much the same as her.

  8. The work of love here is a very good thing, Angie! We place such “great expectations” on what others think of our physical appearances. That’s a natural human emotion within all of us. What we need to embrace instead is the ability to see one another as God sees us…from the heart first and foremost.

    We all need to work on that virtue! Very good post…


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