Only Your Love

Good Day, Beautiful People!
One of my generous and amazing mate, Yvonne, just blessed my heart with this beautiful gift.
Enjoying this Majestic album especially this song. It makes me ponder upon Jesus sacrifice Himself so we can be united with Abba Dad, God in Heaven.
It is considered the holiest time of the year! Most believers observe this Holy Week.
Easter brings us new hope, new life and new joy. In the northern countries is also a celebration of beautiful spring time. In the southern countries is a celebration of harvest time and getting ready for winter.
It does not matter if you are believer or not. His deep love for you is still the same. God gives us the freedom and free will to choose to love him back.

Your love is strong and mighty
It’s jealousy unyielding
It burns for me like a fire untamed

Your love is all consuming
You never stop pursuing
Nothing I could face could take it away

Oh, oh, oh Your love
Oh, oh, oh

Your love is like no other
Nothing else satisfies
It flows through the deepest waters
It rests on the mountains high
Your love is overwhelming
Brought me to life again
Your love, it will last forever
In You there’ll be no end
Only Your love
Only Your love
Only Your love

Nothing can separate us
Many trials cannot hide Your love
No sorrow could wash it away

How deep
How wide
How long
How high

Enjoy this Clip:




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10 thoughts on “Only Your Love

  1. The last photo – taken from Vaucluse overlooking Sydney City and the Harbour? Great photo! Love the imagination and message as well as the technique 🙂 David.

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