All is well with my soul [MF]

Sharing another beautiful poem by my creative mate, Melinda Fletcher.

Distraction all around me

The cares of this life

People running to and fro

In worry and in strife


Pressure ever mounting

So much we must achieve

Knowledge is increasing

Expectations are on me


And then there is my body

Growing older every day

More aches and pains and troubles

That I pray to go away


Despite all of these troubles

I know what I must do

Despite my circumstances

I need to worship you


I need to worship you Lord Jesus

Lift my hands to you oh Lord

Keep my heart focused toward you

And my eyes upon your Word


I know deep down you love me

You are the anchor for my soul

Despite the crashing waves around me

It’s you I must behold !


Copyright 2014


All Rights Reserved.


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